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"Our five-step program has fast and clear results."

Katie Kennedy, founder of Parent Academy Coaching

Discover how

'I've tried everything!'
Calming meltdowns and conflicts.

Significantly reduce your child's confrontational behaviour and rebuild your parent-child bond.

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Thrive not Survive – 
Keys to  a balanced home life and thriving kids

Transform your parenting experience while equipping your child with invaluable life skills for a happy future.

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Reconnect with your child.

You struggle to deal with your child's tantrums? Your teenager spends all its free time on social media and communication becomes difficult? Your child questions its sexuality and you don't know how to assist them? Your child was diagnosed with a mental disability and you feel overwhelmed with the new challenges?

If you feel like one of these sounds familiar, there are tools that will help change your situation. The services that Parent Academy Coaching offers are here to help you navigate these issues and better respond to them.

  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivy Disorder (ADHD=
  • Cyberaddiction (social media, gaming)
  • Stepfamilies / Sibling conflicts
  • Oppositional behaviour
  • Gender related questions
  • Academic troubleshooting
  • Bullying / Harassment
  • Sexual orientation
  • Divorce
  • Grief

Find your family balance

Positive discipline

The Jane Nelsen's positive discipline offers a pragmatic and flexible toolbox according to one's preferences. It makes it possible to identify the needs hidden behind the behaviour of the child while offering him a framework for empowering himself/herself. A learning method that ensures self-discipline and confidence, with kindness and consistency.

Family communication

Knowing how to express yourself and listen to your interlocutor are key elements in building quality relationships. When the family communicates in a non-violent and inclusive manner, the child develops emotional intelligence that promotes confidence and self-esteem. The dynamics and relationships within the family have an immense impact on a child's development. By taking inspiration from the principles of systemic therapy, we can highlight collective or individual behaviors that should be modified so that the family system is transformed.

Active listening

According to the work of psychologist Carl Rogers, who developed the method of active listening, emotional openness is key to enjoying healthy and authentic relationships, whoever you are talking to. . This technique facilitates speech not only in children, but also in adults because it builds confidence. Empathy and the absence of judgment brings a feeling of value and reassurance that leads to a deeper connection between parent and child.

Our coaching offers.

By videoconference or face-to-face.
The sessions can take place in French or in English.
Let's work together on the content of your toolbox to continue your quest as a parent.

30 minutes - first contact

A short 30-minute session for us to get to know each other and together develop an action plan adapted to your family needs.


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Parental Coaching

A 5 step program to find balance and harmony in the home for a sustainable improvement of family life.

CHF150.- per hr

OFFER - 10%
Complete Program Package
Includes x5 Sessions CHF675.-

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For schools

Workshops, conferences and coaching sessions dedicated to parents, teachers and students on contemporary life themes (positive discipline, cyberbullying, gender issues and many other daily challenges).

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Meet your coach.

Founder, Coach & Educator

After many years working in the arts, I decided to follow my calling as specialist in child-parent well-being. This lead me to take a post-graduate diploma in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King's College London which I obtained with Distinction. With this I obtained a solid foundation in neuro-developmental disorders, developmental psychology, psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. I am currently am in the process of obtaining ICF certification in professional coaching.

I am also the the mother of 6-year-old twins (girl and boy) and am relay parent for two adolescents living in social care. This experience has been both challenging and exceptionally rewarding.

With Parent Academy Coaching, if I can help one child find their smile again or one parent reconnect with their child, then I will know it has all been worth it.

Our latest news

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Does your child live with ADHD, ODD or autism? Here's how I can help you.

Does your child live with ADHD, ODD or autism? Here's how I can help you.

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Book Club: “Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept” by Jayneen Sanders

Our book club offers books to help parents tackle complex life issues with their children.

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The 8 Essential Tips for a Conflict-Free Family Christmas

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"At the end of the session, I felt heard, soothed and relieved. Entrusting myself to someone who understands the situation and who brings me practical solutions filled me with optimism. Now I see more clear and I know how to change the situation."
"The effects of coaching are so fast that after just one session, our family dynamics have changed. We interpret our children's behavior differently today and we feel more confident. Thank you Katie for giving us hope."
"Katie allowed me to ask myself the right questions about my situation. Her caring, sincere and professional approach immediately gave me confidence. I feel more serene and positive to face the next challenges that await me as a mother and it feels good!"

Contact me and transform your family life.

Do you have any questions regarding the services of Parent Academy Coaching? The methodology intrigues you and you want to get more information? Are you facing a problem that I did not mention and you want to know if coaching is suitable for your situation?

Whatever your question, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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"Katie m'a permis de me poser les bonnes questions face à ma situation. Son approche bienveillante, sincère et professionnelle m'a tout de suite mise en confiance. Je me sens plus sereine et positive pour affronter les prochains défis qui m'attendent en tant que mère et ça fait du bien!"

Marko Vukich

Fashion Blogger
"Les effets du coaching sont tellement rapides qu'après une séance seulement, notre dynamique familiale a changé. On interprète les comportements de nos enfants différemment aujourd'hui et on se sent plus confiants. Merci Katie de nous avoir redonné espoir."

Kika Ivanović

"A la fin de la séance, je me suis sentie entendue, apaisée et soulagée. Me confier à quelqu'un qui comprend la situation et qui m'amène des solutions pratiques m'a emplie d'optimisme. Maintenant j'y vois plus clair et je sais comment changer la situation."

Cara Delevinge

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